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Hot Glass has consumed my life since the very first gathers from the furnace in the art department at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. I found a found a form of artistic expression that has become the ultimate challenge, creatively and physically. Glass is extremely durable yet fragile and precious. Knowing that a glass artwork may be around for hundreds and even thousands of years, carries a great responsibility and demands integrity in concept and construction.

Jonathon Westacott glassblowing

Across my lifespan I have interacted physically, emotionally and intellectually with the natural environment. I was born in1965, in Myrtleford (pop. 3000), Victoria. Myrtleford is nestled in the Ovens Valley where the Buffalo and Ovens Rivers combine their waters from the Australian Alpine Country. As a young boy I grew up exploring the ruggedly beautiful mountains and rivers of this country, and have many fond memories of crystal clear creeks, waterfalls and granite cliffs, surrounded by thick native bushlands.

My adult years encompassed the coastal heathlands, sclerophyll forest and big river environs of north eastern NSW, until ultimately settling in the subtropical rainforest of the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast. Here the beautiful volcanic soils and high annual rainfall enabled my family and I to transform a bare pastoral valley to rainforest within a decade; planting well over a thousand native trees including many rare palms and cycads. Our goal has been to create an environment, which will inspire and nurture our creativity, as well as recapture elements of what was once there.

Jonathon Westacott working in Westacott Studio
The Horn, Mount Buffalo Victoria

After completing my degree, I worked at the Jam Factory in Adelaide. South Australia enabled me, in my young adulthood, the opportunity to rock climb, camp and hike the formidable and ancient terrains of the Flinders and Gammon ranges. These picturesque landscapes with their variety of dramatic and romantic views had a huge impact on me.  

Jonathon Westacott sketch

The subsequent years on the Sunshine Coast has provided opportunities for employment, business partnership and since 2008, a sole business building Westacott Studios at my home. I am constantly inspired by the natural environment surrounding my family, and me and thrive in the creative space we have established.

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